The Harp Association of Serbia was established in Belgrade in 2000. One of its main purposes then was to maintain connection and membership at the Association Internationale des Harpistes et Amis de la Harpe, established by Pierre Jamet in Paris in 1962.

Since its foundation, our Association endeavors to promote the harp throughout Serbia. Significant results have already been achieved. Numerous recitals and chamber music concerts are being held on a daily basis not only in Belgrade and Novi Sad, but also in many towns and cities in the region. In the recent years a number of music schools added harp courses into their programmes for the first time, and the young generations of harpists are being stimulated by various masterclasses and competitions. The Association also encourages many state institutions, like schools, universities and orchestras to acquire quality instruments which would further enrich harp playing in Serbia.

The biggest challenge and success in its endeavors to make the harp more popular to wider audiences was achieved by establishing the International Harp Festival in 2002. Now in its seventh consecutive year, the Festival has since its conception brought many famous soloists and great musicians from throughout the world to Belgrade audiences, with great success. The Harp Festival has since made its name as one of the capital’s most promising ventures.

The Harp Association of Serbia today has around fifty members, its president being distinguished harp soloist and Professor Milica Barić.